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malicieux asked:
Hi, can you please tell me where's from that Ian Gallagher gif? Sorry for my bad english.

It’s totally cool, it’s from the “Last time on Shameless” thing from the seventh episode.

Things to do before I do

  • die a lonely virgin (almost done)
  • go to france
  • make a lot of money

directioners piss me off


no just weed

omg it surprises people so much at school when i talk about smoking because i never do and i guess they just dont expect it but i keep talking about it right now so ill stop

everytime i hear lil waynes intro lighter click and inhale thing it just reminds me of a cashed bowl and i want to puke because getting all that harsh rough ash makes me sick and it just reminds me of that taste and feel and smell

Every time I get on Twitter and look at all of the things peoples from my area are saying, I just get so pissed of because they’re all so stupid. The grammar, what they’re saying, how they’re saying it, how they’re obviously directing tweets at people, how they’re all bitch, whining, and moaning about the same thing as everyone else. It’s overwhelming and it just makes me get pissed at everyone who posts on here because my brain makes me think they’re just as stupid, then I start hating everyone. Then I’m on myself for thinking this. The I’m making text posts on stupid websites that no one even pays attention to. Then I think about doing something but I’m sure some smartass with think I’m just copying them because that’s what has come of the internet. “A copy of a copy of a copy of a copy”

i really hope natalie is making me brownies for my birthday